Trimble SiteVision System Overview

Trimble® SiteVision™ is a high accuracy augmented reality system that is ideal for use outdoors. It enables you to interact with your spatial data in the context of the real world. You can visualize and measure positions using GNSS, Electronic Distance Measurement, and Augmented Reality technology as you explore the project site.

The SiteVision system is a lightweight handheld integrated positioning solution that works with the Google® Play Services for AR technology and is comprised of:

  • the SiteVision hardware including GNSS, distance measurement and power management
  • the SiteVision app running on a user-supplied device powered by the Android™ operating system version 9.0 or later
  • Trimble positioning and correction services (Trimble Catalyst™ GNSS technology)
  • cloud services (Trimble Connect)

For a list of recommended mobile devices, see SiteVision System Requirements.

To begin to use the system you will need a model that you want to visualize. The SiteVision system supports a wide range of model types including models of houses, commercial buildings, road designs, site designs, landscape plans, and utility services. It also supports the visualization of 2D data from GIS systems.

The models can be created with a range of Trimble applications or many third party packages such as AutoCAD and ArcGIS.

Before you start

Before you start you will need:

  • A device powered by Android 9 that is supported by the Google AR technology
  • The SiteVision app downloaded to your device
  • A Trimble Identity to be able to log into the SiteVision app
  • A current SiteVision subscription
  • A model to view

Using your Trimble ID

To use the SiteVision system you will need a Trimble Identity. If you are a new Trimble user create a Trimble ID by going to the Trimble ID signup page. If you have an existing Trimble ID you will be able to use it for all SiteVision related services. The Trimble ID allows you to log into the SiteVision system and Trimble Connect with the same username and password.

Obtaining a SiteVision Subscription

Contact your Trimble distributor to purchase a subscription to the SiteVision services. When you contact your distributor you will need to provide the email address that you use for your Trimble ID. Your distributor will assign the license to your Trimble ID.

Then proceed to download the SiteVision app from the Google Play Store.

Downloading Trimble SiteVision

On your Android device:

  1. Go to the Google Play Store and search for Trimble SiteVision.
  2. Download and install the app.
  3. Run the Trimble SiteVision app on your mobile device.
  4. To get started enter your Trimble ID username and password.

About Trimble Connect

Trimble Connect is a cloud-based data management and collaboration platform that allows you to view, share, and access project information over the Internet from anywhere at any time. Trimble Connect stores the 2D and 3D models, prepared in your office software, that are to be viewed in SiteVision.

The subscription for Trimble Connect is included with your SiteVision subscription. If you have separate users who will only be doing data preparation you can purchase separate standalone subscriptions for just Trimble Connect for them.

To get started with Trimble Connect, go to the Trimble Connect website.

About Trimble Catalyst Technology

Trimble Catalyst is a GNSS receiver completely implemented in software (softGNSS receiver). Trimble Catalyst technology is used by SiteVision to obtain high accuracy GNSS positions on your mobile device.

A Trimble SiteVision subscription includes a Trimble Catalyst for SiteVision Subscription, which includes the precision accuracy level for use with the SiteVision application, access to Trimble Corrections Hub, including Trimble VRS Now™ networks and Trimble RTX™ technology globally, and also supports GNSS corrections from other third party sources. To learn more about Trimble Catalyst, go to the Trimble Catalyst website.

About Google AR Technology

Google Play Services for AR is a service for building augmented reality experiences. The service enables your mobile device to sense its environment, understand the world and interact with information.

Trimble SiteVision combines Google Play Services for AR with Trimble Catalyst to produce high-accuracy augmented reality. To learn more about Google AR technology, go to the Google ARCore website.

About the Trimble SiteVision Hardware

The Trimble SiteVision handheld device integrates the Trimble Catalyst high precision GNSS with Electronic Distance Measurement (EDM) technology and a power management system that provides power to Catalyst, the EDM, and your device running the SiteVision application.