Trimble SiteVision System Overview

Trimble® SiteVision™ is a high accuracy augmented reality system that is ideal for use outdoors. It enables you to interact with your spatial data in the context of the real world. You can visualize and measure positions using GNSS , Electronic Distance Measurement, and Augmented Reality technology as you explore the project site.

The SiteVision app is supported on a number of Trimble devices powered by the Windows 10 operating system connected to a Trimble GNSS receiver, and on BYO devices powered by the Android™ operating system version 9.0 and later. This guide covers using the system on devices powered by the Android™ operating system.

The SiteVision system is a lightweight handheld integrated positioning solution that works with the Google® Play Services for AR technology and is comprised of:

  • the SiteVision hardware including GNSS, distance measurement and power management
  • the SiteVision app running on a user-supplied device powered by the Android operating system version 9.0 and later
  • Trimble positioning and correction services (Trimble Catalyst™ GNSS technology)
  • cloud services (Trimble Connect)

For a list of recommended mobile devices, see SiteVision System Requirements.

To begin to use the system you will need a model that you want to visualize.

NOTE – A sample model of a section of road with underground utilities is included when you install the SiteVision app, so that you can explore SiteVision's features.

The SiteVision system supports a wide range of model types including models of houses, commercial buildings, road designs, site designs, landscape plans, and utility services. It also supports the visualization of 2D data from GIS systems.

The models can be created with a range of Trimble applications or many third party packages such as AutoCAD and ArcGIS.