Using the ToDo app

A ToDo is a reporting mechanism which enables you to send georeferenced, augmented reality photographs and notes to a project member.

When you have selected the ToDo tool, shows as the active app icon. Tap it to take a photo, or double-tap to take a photo with the SiteVision menu / controls.

Then complete the ToDo details.

  • The system automatically names the ToDo but you can edit this to suit.
  • You can enter a description of the task by typing it or, if supported by your device model / configuration, record using voice.
  • You can assign a priority level, a classification (Type), and a due date. The classifications available are:
    • Issue
    • Clash
    • Comment
    • Request
    • Solution
    • Remark
    • Undefined
    • Fault
    • Inquiry
  • The Trimble Connect user that the ToDo is assigned to can receive an email notification with the details and associated link.

    TIP – Project members must be set up in the Trimble Connect project to enable ToDos to be assigned to them.

  • You can take and add more photos from the details window by tapping on the right (above the Save button).

Photos taken with ToDos

To capture a photo with the AR content that is displayed during operation, the ToDo function captures images by doing a screen capture. This limits the resolution of the images to approximately 1440 x 720 pixels (may vary by device). SiteVision stores the following information in the image:

  • The high accuracy position from the SiteVision GNSS
  • The orientation

The images stored include the composite image of the AR and real world, together with the accurate position and orientation of the image, using the industry standards.

The images are stored in your device's file system under internal storage /Trimble/SiteVisionAR/SiteVisionScreenshots.

If you review images on your device or share them with other users using the device's Gallery application, they will appear georeferenced against a Google map background.

You can share or delete these images as required using the standard tools on mobile devices for sharing and deleting information.