SiteVision System Requirements

Mobile Devices

Trimble SiteVision runs on mobile devices powered by the Android operating system version 9.0 and later.

There are over 400 phones which are Google AR Services compatible. Refer to the list that Google maintains to check if your device is supported:

Trimble has tested a range of compatible phones, and recommends the following devices based on this testing:

  • Samsung SM-G986 - S20+

  • Samsung SM-G977 - S10 5G

  • Samsung SM-G975 - S10+

  • Samsung SM-G975 - S9+
  • Samsung SM-N950 - Note8
  • Google Pixel 4 XL

NOTE – SiteVision will only run on devices smaller than 8”.

Trimble recommends using a rugged hard plastic case with your mobile device, for example an OtterBox® Symmetry Series®.

CAUTION – DO NOT use a soft plastic or rubberized case.

  • The adhesive on the mount used to attach the device to the SiteVision system may not bond securely to the case material.
  • Some movement will occur between the case and the SiteVision positioning system, reducing the accuracy of the system.

Internet Connectivity

You must have an Internet connection to download models from Trimble Connect and to obtain high accuracy GNSS. The minimum recommended network speed is 3G. You can operate SiteVision without an Internet connection but with the following limitations:

  • You must have logged into SiteVision on the device previously.
  • To use a model (or models) from Trimble Connect, you must have already downloaded it / them from Trimble Connect while connected to the Internet. You can access previously downloaded models from the Quick Access list (see Loading a Model).
  • GNSS positioning may not be as accurate, as you will be operating with the satellite-delivered Trimble RTX correction stream or a local SBAS service. See Configuring the GNSS for more information.

    NOTE – Make sure you adjust the GNSS Minimum High Accuracy setting; see Working with GNSS.

  • You cannot save ToDos, or sync measured data to Trimble Connect.

TIPS –  

  • Trimble recommends using a local SIM Card, or Hotspot over a Wi-Fi connection.
  • When using SiteVision over Wi-Fi, make sure that the Wi-Fi password is set up and that your Wi-Fi connection has access to the Internet. If you experience difficulties using the application, such as the GNSS positioning becoming inaccurate, this may be caused by your Wi-Fi connection not allowing access to the GNSS correction services through the Internet. In these cases, Trimble recommends that you turn off Wi-Fi on your device and use mobile data over a 3G or 4G network.

For more information on GNSS and Internet connectivity see Configuring the GNSS.