What is Trimble SiteVision?

SiteVision is a high accuracy augmented reality system being developed by Trimble®.

It uses Trimble’s Catalyst softGNSS receiver, combined with Google ARCore technology, to produce a handheld high accuracy outdoor augmented reality system.

SiteVision enables users and clients to easily understand information such as new designs, existing underground services, and how future landscapes will look over time, without the need to interpret drawings or maps. See the information in true life scale, in the context of existing surroundings.

The information is presented in an easily understandable augmented reality view, which can be reviewed from any angle or position on site.

Trimble SiteVision offers the following benefits:


Client Engagement

Simplify explaining to clients by letting them see proposed designs, in situ using augmented reality. Allow the clients to walk around the proposed design and understand the details from different viewing angles in the context of the site. Share and discuss proposed design and design changes.


How will my planned road affect the surrounding environment? Use SiteVision to visualize design, the cut and fill values and how it will affect the surrounding environment.


What is the progress of construction on site? Use SiteVision to visualize work planned, undertake inspections and work completed on a “Stakeless Site.”

Subsurface Utilities

Where is the existing infrastructure that I can’t see? Use SiteVision to utilize sub surface mapping information to visualize the location, size and attributes of underground infrastructure such as water, power, gas and telecommunications.

Electrical Utilities

View the visual impact of proposed designs. SiteVision allows you to provide better context on proposed changes during the public consultation phase, improving public understanding. Communicate with contractors the intended outcome and logistics associated with the construction phase.

Cadastral Boundaries

How can I communicate land rights and restrictions? Use SiteVision as a tool to visualize cadastral boundaries, identify survey monuments, plan surveys and communicate complicated land rights and restrictions.


What will new construction look like against existing? Use SiteVision to visualize above ground structures and infrastructure such as intersections, bridges, tunnels and buildings.

Real Estate Development

Communicate the design on site with city and regional authorities to speed up the planning approval. Show potential buyers what the future site will look like, as well as views from individual lots. Show proposed house designs on site.

Landscape Architecture

How will my design fit the existing environment? Use Sitevision to visualize landscape designs and features in an existing environment.

Customer Testimonials

“The ability to load models accurately in the real world is a game changer”

Rob Bik, Geometius Netherlands


Rob Bik, Geometius Netherlands

“An excellent ‘survey-light’ tool for visualization of work planned and completed on a Stakeless Site”

Espen Dahl, Zenith Surveys Norway


Espen Dahl, Zenith Surveys Norway

“SiteVision is a tool that I can immediately integrate into all of my projects”

Fredrik Bergström, FMT Sweden


Fredrik Bergström, FMT Sweden

“SiteVision makes complicated design data easy to understand for any user”

Aart van Driel, Geonext Netherlands


Aart van Driel, Geonext Netherlands

“SiteVision is easy to use, and it will make it easier for me to communicate designs in the field with my clients”

Mats Nyland, NCC Norway


Mats Nyland, NCC Norway

“This is true collaboration!”

Jeff Yeo, Lead 3D Pipe Designer, ONEC, Alberta, Canada


Jeff Yeo, Lead 3D Pipe Designer, ONEC, Alberta, Canada

Social Media

The SiteVision Early Experience Program Participants are sharing their experiences via a number of social media channels look for the hashtags #TrimbleSiteVision and #SiteVision

Leveraging Trimble Technologies

Trimble Catalyst

Trimble Catalyst is a GNSS receiver completely implemented in software. Catalyst provides high accuracy positioning as a service on your imaging phone for SiteVision in the background, providing you with accuracies of a few centimetres on your mobile device. For more on Trimble Catalyst visit:

Trimble Connect

Trimble Connect, Trimble’s cloud based collaboration platform provides connectivity for SiteVision users, enabling them to access their projects and models for viewing in the field, and for sending augmented reality images back to team collaborators for discussion/action. Trimble Connect allows users to view, share, and access project information from anywhere, at anytime. You can read more about the functionalities of Trimble Connect here:

Learn More

Trimble Mixed Reality

Are you interested in finding out more information about Trimble’s Mixed Reality Program and Solutions? Visit the Trimble Mixed Reality website here:

Early Experience

Trimble's goal with the SiteVision Early Experience Program is to engage with users early in the development process to provide:

  1. Users with hands-on exposure to an augmented reality application so they can understand the value to their business in typical use cases and environments
  2. Trimble with feedback on the benefits and areas for improvement to make this an even better tool for the user’s business.

The Early Experience Program is currently at capacity. However, we still want to hear from you!

Please register your interest via this form so we can keep you up to date on the program.

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