SiteVision – Which Phone Case Should I Get?

Posted by on December 17, 2019

We recently wrote a blog on the best mobile phone to use with Trimble SiteVision. In addition to choosing a mobile phone, the other key thing to consider is, what type of phone case to use.

The best mobile phone and accessory combination for SiteVision is the Samsung S10+ with an OtterBox® Symmetry Series® Case.

which phone case to use with Trimble SiteVision

We recommend the OtterBox® Symmetry Series® Case because not only will it protect your phone, but because of its hard plastic and matte finish, which assists with the secure bonding of the adhesive from the phone mount plate provided with your Trimble SiteVision kit.Trimble_SiteVision_Kit

Here are some other reasons why we like the OtterBox Symmetry Series Case:

1. Rugged: A hard plastic case that shields the phone against bumps, scrapes, and drops.
2. Matte Finish: A finish which helps with grip, and assists with the bonding of the adhesive from the phone mount plate provided in your SiteVision kit.
3. Screen Bumper: Slightly raised and chamfered edge helps protect your touchscreen.
4. Easy Installation: A one-piece case, that slips on and off quickly, and with easy access to the USB port.
5. Slim Profile: A sleek design, which slips easily into pockets and the Trimble SiteVision Carry Case.

If the OtterBox Symmetry isn’t for you, do not use a soft plastic or rubberized case. It needs to be a hard plastic case with a matte finish.

Here is why:

  • The adhesive on the mount used to attach the device to the SiteVision system may not bond securely to the case material.
  • Movement will occur between the case and the SiteVision positioning system, reducing the accuracy of the system.For more information about getting started with your Trimble SiteVision Hardware visit our online User Guide and our Getting Started YouTube playlist.




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