BTW Company, LTD. Uses Augmented Reality to Accelerate the Project Approval Process

The Challenge:

BTW Company, Ltd. is a mid-sized multi-disciplinary construction and engineering consultancy with offices in Hamilton and New Plymouth, New Zealand. The company specializes in surveying, planning, civil and structural engineering, UAV services, 3D laser scanning, data and project management, and energy solutions. Their clients range from individual property and business owners to multinational companies, including central and local government.


BTW is often involved in the resource consent process. Similar to the zoning and urban planning requirements in other parts of the world, resource consent is a process specific to New Zealand that requires getting permission when an activity, such as a construction project, may affect the environment or isn’t already part of a district or regional plan. To navigate the resource consent process successfully, BTW needed a way to help local officials and other stakeholders visualize the proposed project in its physical context so they could address questions and alleviate concerns about the project’s impact.

“The first reaction to Trimble SiteVision is ‘oh, wow!’ People have known about augmented reality for a while now, but to experience it gets people quite excited. Being able to help them see a final product before they spend any money or make decisions has been pretty good.”Taryn Martin, Licensed Cadastral Surveyor

The Solution:

Already longtime Trimble customers BTW chose Trimble SiteVision as the tool that could help them bring the power of augmented reality (AR) into their planning processes. BTW saw AR as a technology that would allow them to present an accurate future view of a project overlaid onto the actual construction site. By viewing the proposed project on-site in an augmented reality view with stakeholders, they could communicate the project concept and design phase more effectively. They could also help stakeholders gain a far better understanding of the finished result and the potential effects on the surrounding environment.


One of BTW’s early uses of SiteVision was for the innovative, world-renowned Green School New Zealand. When BTW sat down with the founders of the Green School with paper plans of the proposed civil and infrastructure layout, their response was, “We can’t visualize this—provide us with something more realistic.”

Trimble SiteVision was the solution that brought the paper plans to life and gave the founders of the school the visualization they were after. The AR tool will also allow them to market future stages of the school to families. Using SiteVision to overlay specific elements of the project onto the actual landscape, BTW can give prospective families a compelling picture of what the finished campus will look like.

Augmented reality construction technology in New Zealand

The Results:

BTW is using SiteVision during the planning phase and resource consent process of several projects. The ability to share a clear depiction of how the project will look and interact with its physical surroundings is tremendously helpful to this process.

At the same time, BTW’s engineering team is using SiteVision to help contractors visualize civil works and energy sector plants. Across the board, SiteVision helps BTW engage stakeholders and clarify expectations. They’re also able to identify design improvements and address issues before the build is underway.


Taryn Martin, Licensed Cadastral Surveyor, explains: “Many people aren’t able to read plans or visualize the plan in 3D from a bit of paper. Our ability to effectively bring the project to life right in front of their eyes with Trimble SiteVision has great benefits. We love that we can go out in the field with anyone from key stakeholders to contractors to members of the general public and translate what we see on our computer screens in the office for them in the field.”

SiteVision’s visualization capabilities and ease of use are helping BTW strengthen customer relationships as well as improve construction productivity and project success rates. The company is using SiteVision to:

  • Navigate the resource consent process successfully
  • Help stakeholders visualize the finished product in realistic detail and context
  • Gather feedback and incorporate it into the project
  • Create shared understanding and alignment so everyone works together more effectively



What Next:

BTW plans to continue to use SiteVision as the Green School project evolves, particularly with the design of additional freestanding classroom pods. BTW also plans to widely implement the use of SiteVision in their civil engineering division for use across the construction lifecycle from initial planning to inspection of constructed works.



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