Frequently Asked Questions

Performance and Compatibility

Do I need an internet connection to use Trimble SiteVision?

Yes, you need an internet connection to:

  • Download models from Trimble Connect for viewing
  • Obtain high accuracy GNSS positions
  • Create and assign ToDo’s, send measurement data from the field to the office

The minimum recommended network speed is 3G.

How accurate is Trimble SiteVision?

The accuracy of Trimble SiteVision is dependent on a number of factors: GNSS environment, length of line being measured to, type of Android mobile device.

GNSS Accuracy:
In areas with VRS Now coverage or where you use a 3rd party VRS service or Internet base station service, the SiteVision system will typically achieve horizontal and vertical accuracies of a few centimeters.
If you are operating in an area that does not have VRS Now coverage, the Trimble Corrections Hub will select the RTX service. When using the RTX services the horizontal accuracies will vary by location, but are typically 10 – 20 cm (4 – 8 inches) in areas with RTX Fast coverage, after convergence, and 30 cm (12 inches) in areas without RTX Fast. Vertical accuracies will vary when using the RTX services.

The EDM unit has a range of up to 100 m (300 ft) depending on the target type surface and lighting conditions, but in most outdoor environments the practical range is about 25m. For accurate operation (< 20 cm / 8 inches) Trimble recommends that you use it at range of 0.5 m to 10 m (1.5 ft to 30 ft), or up to 25 m (80 ft) to record features requiring lower accuracy (such as trees). For more information download the SiteVision Datasheet, or read more about Trimble SiteVision accuracies in the in app user guide.

What devices are compatible with Trimble SiteVision?

Trimble SiteVision runs on mobile devices, smaller than 8″, supporting Google Play Services for AR and Android Operating System Version 9.0.

The Trimble tested and recommended devices for SiteVision are:
Samsung S10+
Samsung S9+
Samsung Note9
Samsung Note8

Other supported devices for SiteVision are:
Samsung S8+
Google Pixel 3 XL
Google Pixel 2 XL

Notes: Although Trimble Catalyst Service and Google Google Play Services for AR can run on a number of mobile devices, the requirements for SiteVision differ due to the combination of the processing requirements of Trimble Catalyst softGNSS Receiver, Google Google Play Services for AR, and data processing.

Can I use Apple OSX, iOS, or Microsoft Windows devices with Trimble SiteVision?

No. Trimble SiteVision is only available on Android Mobile phones, with an operating system of Android 9. The phone must also be supported by Google Play Service for AR. Click here for a full list of Compatible Devices.

What is the maximum file size I can use with SiteVision?

The model size that can be used with SiteVision varies by phone type, and complexity of the data (geometry and number of entities). SiteVision will warn the user if any limits are exceeded.

Below is a guideline highlighting the file size limitations:

File Size:
If you are using a model over 200MB in size, a warning will be displayed in SiteVision highlighting that the time to download the model from Trimble Connect may take some time. You will have the option to continue, or cancel the download.

This is a combination of the lines and number of meshes or triangles used to build surfaces. For recommended and supported devices this is:

DeviceGeometry Limit
Samsung S10+8 million
Samsung Note 98 million
Samsung S9+6 million
Samsung Note 86 million
Samsung S8+3 million
Google Pixel 3 XL3 million
Google Pixel 2 XL1.5 million


Note: We limit unsupported devices to 1.5 million entities.
Please refer to our SiteVision Help Guide for more information.