Frequently Asked Questions

Subscription Management

How many devices can I use my Single User subscription on?

Trimble SiteVision monthly and annual subscriptions are licensed “per user” for use on one device at a time. A subscription cannot be used on multiple devices simultaneously. If you log into SiteVision on a second device, the system will automatically disconnect the services to the first device – so if you left your phone at home, you can borrow a phone and still keep working.

Where can I purchase Trimble SiteVision?

Your Trimble SiteVision subscription can be purchased through any authorized Trimble Distributor. Click GET A DEMO on the Trimble SiteVision website for more information, and to find the nearest Trimble distributor in your area.

What do I get when I purchase Trimble SiteVision?

When you purchase Trimble SiteVision, you will receive a subscription for the Trimble SiteVision application, a Trimble Catalyst for SiteVision subscription, and a Trimble Connect Business license.

How do I cancel or renew my Trimble SiteVision subscription?

Contact your local Trimble Distributor to upgrade, renew, or cancel SiteVision subscriptions.

How do I manage Trimble SiteVision subscriptions for my team?

If you purchase Trimble SiteVision for a group of users, you can assign individual subscriptions to other users in your team, unassign users, or re-assign subscriptions from one user to another user within your team via the License Manager.

What is a Trimble Identity (TID)?

A Trimble ID (or TID) is a unique account identity linked to your email address. You can use your Trimble ID to associate and assign applications, services, and subscriptions from many different parts of Trimble including Trimble SiteVision and Trimble Connect.

To change or modify information on your Trimble ID go to

I already have a Catalyst subscription – can I use this with Trimble SiteVision?

Yes – you will need to purchase a SiteVision Mobile AR Unlimited license, which will allow you to use your separate Catalyst subscription with the SiteVision application.

Please note that the SiteVision Universal AR Unlimited license (which includes the Catalyst subscription), will not allow you to use the Catalyst subscription with other Trimble applications unless you buy a separate Catalyst subscription.

I already have a Trimble Connect Subscription – can I use this with Trimble SiteVision?

No. To log into Trimble SiteVision you must have a Trimble Identity (TID or Trimble Account) with a Trimble SiteVision Subscription.