Syncing Measurements to Trimble Connect

SiteVision has many apps that generate or record data which you can sync to Trimble Connect for use in the office.

A measured point is captured and stored in a .csv file located alongside the model that was in use at the time the measurement was made. This also applies to points that define a profile alignment, or plane. Other generated files—.dsz design files and supporting .cal files— are included in the sync process with the .csv file.

Each time you sync your measurements, the files in Trimble Connect are updated to the latest version of the files on your device.

TIP – To see an earlier version of the file you can use the History function within Trimble Connect.

To sync your measurements to Trimble Connect once you have completed them:

  1. Tap and confirm the name in the Sync Measurements window.
  2. Tap Sync to save to Trimble Connect.

    TIP – Tap-hold Sync to rename the .csv file.

NOTE – Measurements cannot be viewed in SiteVision after the model session has been completed unless they are merged into the original data model and re-published.

NOTE – For Profile data and Plane data, you can also upload the data directly to Trimble Earthworks, using the Trimble File Flipper app and a USB stick.